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Account Issues

To retrieve a lost password, go to and click on "Forgot your password?" You will be prompted to enter your e-mail, and you will then be sent a link to reset your password.

To change your password, choose "Settings" from the dropdown menu on the top right corner of the screen, where you can change your username, e-mail address, university affiliation, and password.


You are welcome to browse Science Unplugged in any order that suits you, but there are three organized ways to navigate: Featured (which features a selection of popular questions from all topics), Latest (which features the most recently uploaded content), and Themes (which organizes questions by subject, i.e. Black Holes, Quantum Mechanics, Dark Energy).

There are two ways to navigate the courses: Timeline mode and Module mode. In Timeline mode, a chronological visualization appears at the bottom of your browser, showing your progress through the course. You can click on an element in the Timeline to move forward or backward, or click the forward and backward buttons located on the left and right sides of your browser. In Module mode, click any red tile to reveal the contents of that module – typically including Videos, Demonstrations, Discussions, Exercises, Problems, and Reviews. Clicking on any one of these elements will take you to that element in the course. You can also view every element in the entire course by clicking the “Expand” button just above the top row of red tiles.

Your Dashboard provides a quick way to view the courses you’re taking, and the progress you are making in each, (including how many elements from each course you've completed, and, for graded courses, your current score).


Each Exercise is worth 1 point. If you answer an Exercise incorrectly, you will be offered a Video solution and an opportunity (“Try Another”) to answer a second, similar but not identical, Exercise. If you answer the second Exercise correctly, you will earn 1 point. That is, there is no penalty for an incorrect answer on the first Exercise.

Each question in a Problem set is worth 2 points. Unlike Exercises, you have only one opportunity to answer each question in a Problem set correctly. You will receive immediate feedback on each question, together with a Video solution, minimizing the chance that errors in early parts of a Problem will adversely affect your ability to correctly answer later parts.

The Final Exam is worth 30% of the total points available. This means students seeking a Certificate of Achievement, which requires earning a minimum of 75% of the available points, must take the Final Exam.

Technical Issues

First, make sure you're using the latest version of one of the major browsers World Science U supports: Chrome (preferred), Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer. If you are, try logging out of your World Science U account and clearing your browser's cookies and cache before logging back in.

Make sure you are using the most up-to-date version of a supported browser (see above). If you experience problems or unresponsive pages, try clearing your cache and restarting your browser.

Go to and select from the drop down “Which of the following best describes you?” (e.g. Student, Faculty/Teacher), follow the prompts and enter your information. After the download completes (typically, less than a minute), open the file that you just downloaded. Launch the CDF player from your desktop. Double click the icon and start the installer. Follow the steps in the installer to finish installing the Wolfram CDF player.

For debugging issues with the CDF plugin, refer to here.

For browser plugin does not the start in Internet Explorer 11, refer to here.

Yes, you will need to download and install the free Wolfram CDF player from to experience the Demonstrations in “Special Relativity” and in “Space, Time and Einstein.” Please note: Mobile devices, including iPad, are currently not supported by the Wolfram CDF player, so Demonstrations must be viewed from desktop or laptop computers.

Sorry…the Wolfram CDF player that powers the Demonstrations isn’t yet available for iPad or other mobile devices. You can view these from a desktop or laptop computer.

Try double-clicking the element instead of single clicking. If that doesn’t work, you can advance back and forth in the Timeline using the side arrows.

If you come across any technical issues on our site, please report them to



Within the course, you will find there are "Discussion" sections where you can post or read questions from other students and the professor. More information about our Discussion feature is available here.

While we recommend that you take the course in order, you can skip through the course elements in any order.

Yes, there's a Final Exam at the end of the university-level Courses, and the points earned are an important factor in receiving a Certificate of Achievement for the course. How long it takes to complete the exam, however, is up to you.

The date of your course's Live Discussion will be posted on your Dashboard.

If you're having trouble wrapping your head around a concept, or if a Problem has you stumped in a specific course, you will have the opportunity to post your question to Brian in a live Q & A session on the Live Discussions tab. Live Discussions dates will be announced by email and displayed on the Dashboard for a particular course.

Yes. If you are not interested in earning a Certificate of Achievement in a given university-level course, you can click on the "Opt out from grading" button in that course’s entry in your Dashboard. Note that only university-level courses have graded elements (Exercises, Problem sets and a Final Exam), and that once you opt out from grading you cannot opt back in.

Yes, you can watch the most recent discussion on the Live Discussion tab from any course that it was offered, or on the Livestream website.


Anyone. World Science U is designed to be a uniquely immersive educational experience for everyone, from the merely curious, to high school and university students, to life-long learners.

World Science U offers full courses of varying length, Master Classes, and Science Unplugged.

Science Unplugged is a casual learning environment where you can find quick video answers to a wealth of questions on subjects like the Big Bang, Black Holes, Unified Theories, and more. Currently, Science Unplugged contains hundreds of sorted video answers.

Master Classes are short but rich explorations of a wide range of topics, from cosmology, to unified theories, to mathematics, that can typically be completed in less than a week. They include video lectures, interactive demonstrations, exercises, community forums, custom animations, virtual office hours and live sessions.

World Science U courses are unique online learning experiences that provide opportunities for learners of all ages and educational backgrounds to enjoy science in a format comfortable for them. They include video lectures, interactive demonstrations, virtual office hours, community forums, animations, live discussions and reviews.

It's easy. Click on the Sign Up tab in the upper right-hand corner of the site, and enter your name, email and choose a password.

To receive a Certificate of Participation from World Science U you must engage with all of the elements (Videos, Demonstrations, Office Hours, Discussions, Exercises, Problems, Reviews, Final Exam) offered in a course.

To receive a Certificate of Achievement from World Science U, you must earn 75% of the available points from Exercises, Problem sets and the Final Exam, as well as engage with at least 75% of the course elements.

Note: At this time, certificates will only be issued for university-level courses.

Yes, after the course ends you can still go through and review all the material.

There's currently no time limit on World Science U courses; you can return at any time to continue your previous coursework or to take another course.

No, World Science U does not currently offer university credits for completing a course.

Got a question that wasn’t answered above? No problem—just email us here and we’ll answer your question as soon as we can.
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