How To Guide


The Dashboard provides a summary of your progress in each of the courses you’re taking. When you log in to the World Science U site, you’ll have access to your Dashboard.

For a university-level course, clicking on “Details” in the Dashboard reveals a grid showing all the Exercises and Problems in that course, and the number of points you received in each. Those Exercises and Problems you have not yet attempted are brighter in color for easy access. The Dashboard also features the option to “Opt out from grading” for any university-level course.  (Once you Opt out from grading, you can not opt back in.)



The Timeline presents a course in a scrolling linear mode.  When viewing any course element, the Timeline is available at the bottom of the page. You can also access the Timeline by clicking “Timeline” in the navigation bar at the top of the screen. To open the Timeline, just click the upward-pointing red arrow on the lower left of the screen.

To scroll through the Timeline, click anywhere inside the Timeline and drag left or right.  To hide the Timeline, click on the downward-pointing red arrow on the upper-left of the Timeline.

Clicking on any element in the Timeline will bring you to that element in the course. Clicking on any element type (e.g. Video, Problems, etc.) on the far left of the Timeline will highlight all elements of that type available in the course.



Each course is divided into modules. Clicking on the “Modules” tab in the navigation bar presents the course content as a grid, with each red tile denoting the beginning of a new module.

Click any red tile to reveal the contents of that module – typically including Videos, Demonstrations, Discussions, Exercises, Problems, and Reviews. Clicking on any one of these elements will take you to that element in the course. You can also view every element in the entire course by clicking the “Expand” button just above the top row of red tiles.



Demonstrations provide interactive examples of concepts discussed in each module, helping you to acquire a deeper understanding.  You can adjust different variables in each Demonstration by dragging the slider(s) from left to right.  In some Demonstrations, pressing the “Play” button will initiate an animated sequence.  

To explore the Demonstrations, you will need to download and install the Wolfram CDF Player. The player is free and the installation takes about 3 minutes. For support in using Demonstrations, click here.


Office Hours

Office Hours provide a series of questions and Video answers related to the concepts covered in a given module.  Click on a question to activate the Video and watch the answer. Note that some questions review material in the module, while others extend the lecture material for those who want to go deeper.



Each course has a general discussion forum where you can post comments or ask questions related to the course. Some modules within a course also feature discussion pages that focus more specifically on material relevant to the particular module. You can access these discussions from either the Timeline-mode or the Module-mode.

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